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Do you have draughty windows? Do you have single glazing? Do you find that you are experiencing condensation on your double glazing units?


If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you need to give us a call.


Glazing forms a large part of any home. So if you are trying to conserve energy and reduce your bills, it makes sense to ensure that you have the right windows for your home and that they are installed correctly.


Our windows


If you are interested in purchasing windows for a new home, or changing existing windows, then talk to us.


Our high grade windows are manufactured in Ireland. They all come with low-e glass and they are argon filled.


What is low-e glass?

Low-e glass has a special coating which means that more heat is retained within your home. Basically, it lets the heat of the sun come in and warm up your home but does not let the heat from your heating system out.


Argon filled cavity

A double-glazed unit is usually separated by a thin layer of air. The air acts as an insulator. Our windows contain argon gas which is a better insulator than air. This means you will lose less energy through the unit – in turn, this will save you more money.


Our experienced staff

If you have recently installed double-glazing but you are experiencing condensation or draughts, then you need to speak to one of our specialists.


These problems are usually due to the windows being incorrectly installed. Our experienced window fitters will come to your home and rectify the problem for you with ease.


Call us today to discuss your exact needs. We supply PVC,aluclad and wooden windows.


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