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Wall insulation


We lose 30% of the heat from our homes through our external walls. Effective wall insulation will therefore help you save sigificant amounts of money on your heating bills. With winters getting colder and our summers not getting any warmer; it makes sense to consider wall insulation for your home.


You have three main options for wall insulation. These are internal wall insulation, external wall insulation and cavity wall insulation.


If you have solid walls, or a 9in cavity wall, then you can only avail of the first two options.

External Wall Insulation       Cavity wall insulation Internal wall insulation

External insulation is more expensive ,          If your home has cavity walls,                 

but  it is more effective at reducing                  then you should consider...                       Internal insulation is
heat loss...                                                                                                                                        commonly known as dry-lining ...

External insulation                                             Cavity wall                                   Internal insulation