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Renewable energy


What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is energy that comes from a natural source such as the wind, sun, sea or geothermal heat. It is called renewable because it is continually being replenished – or renewed.


National and international governments are putting more pressure on individuals and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and to consider using renewable energy for their heating and electricity needs. As a result, carbon fuels are becoming more expensive through higher taxes.


It therefore makes sense to consider renewable energy as a way of heating your home and using it as a source of electricity. In the long run, renewable energy sources pay for themselves; and will certainly save you money on your fuel and energy bills.


How can I use renewable energy?

Warm Systems keeps up-to-date with changing trends in the renewable energy market and is extremely knowledgable in the latest technology.


You can retro-fit your home with renewable energy solutions, or if you are building from scratch, you can integrate renewable heating and electricity systems into your actual design. If you need help or advice on either option, please give us a call.


We specialise in heat pumps, wind turbines, biomass boilers and solar panels.


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