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As a building becomes more airtight through the use of first-rate insulation and energy efficient building methods, it becomes necessary to install Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV).


Excellent insulation will make a building air-tight. This means that there will not be a supply of fresh air. For day to day comfort a source of fresh air is required. A regular supply of fresh air is not only required for personal comfort, but it is also necessary to stop condensation, damp and humidity arising in your home.


You may say, why not open a window? However, opening a window in winter will allow heat to escape causing you to spend money on more fuel to keep your home at an ambient temperature.



How can HRV be supplied?


HRV systems are extermely versatile.


  • They can be supplied as small individual units for each room.
  • They can be integrated within your heating system
  • Or they can be single, stand-alone units


How do they work?


HRV systems take a fresh supply of air from outside (either directly or via a duct system). This air is then circulated through your home in a controlled manner.


Before the air is circulated it is heated to an ambient temperature.


As the air passes through your home it gets warmer. The excess heat from the air is transferred to your home via a special exchange system. This means you are capitalising on all available energy sources to keep your home warm without paying for extra fuel.


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